Cripple Creek Presbyterian Church takes its name from the creek, which flows through this beautiful, secluded valley. Cripple Creek Church and it's sister church, Hopewell Presbyterian Church make up the Stones River Parrish.

Our Creed: Jesus is Lord
Our Prayer: To be like Christ in our lives
Our Promise: To Welcome Everyone

Shaded wall
The Building:

The current building was constructed in 1952 with an addition added in 2001.  The original site and building were across Cripple Creek from the present site where the church was organized between 1815 and 1820.  Presbytery minutes have record indicating the church was organized in 1805.  Early records of the church were destroyed in a fire at the home of the Clerk of Session.

The Belltower The Belltower

In 1905, the boys and girls of the congregation raised money to purchase a church bell by feeding and selling pigs given them by the pastor.  This bell, moved from the old wooded structure, still calls worshipers today.

Our Priviledge: To serve our community and the world in the name of Christ and to engage in life-giving actions in the world.